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Based on your campaign objectives and target audience, we’ll work with you to produce highly effective direct marketing material:

  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Flyers
  • Pamphlets
  • Newsletters
  • Post cards
  • Coupons
  • Product samples

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Personalised catalogues, letters and direct marketing content will drive loyalty and engagement while increasing spend from your target audience. We apply data to customise your marketing material for a more personal approach. This could be as simple as using the customer’s name, nearest store details, loyalty status or as sophisticated as an entirely customised catalogue based on their interests and shopping history.

Unaddressed direct marketing

Reaching your ideal customer at home with targeted mail drops is easier than you might expect. Third party data sets and the use of digital marketing techniques with classic catalogue smarts will get your brand in front of the right eyes in the right place. Ovato boasts national residential distribution networks in both Australia and New Zealand with ability to reach over 8 million homes.

  • Dedicated mailing staff
  • Dedicated two-day delivery window
  • 24-hour mailing admin support
  • 4 high-speed wrapping lines
  • On-site Australia Post representative
  • Mail processing data software
  • Database cleansing & verification
  • Special customised print flow wrap capabilities
  • Flysheet inventory management

Why product sampling is an important marketing tactic

<h4>Tamlin Watson, Head of Operations<br>Myer</h4>

"Ovato has been instrumental in assisting Myer to reach the right customers with print catalogues through their addressed mail solutions. The Ovato data team has worked closely with the Myer data and insights team to target the best pool of customers to receive the catalogue to drive the highest engagement."

Tamlin Watson, Head of Operations


Product sampling delivers immediate value for your brand, giving customers the chance to experience your product first-hand so they know that it’s right for them. You don’t have to rely on customers finding out about you. Instead, put your brand directly in their hands.

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Your business can find the right market and send out customised letterbox product samples that directly correlate with audience behaviour. This eliminates wasted spend on shoppers who would never have been interested in your products in the first place or are unlikely to switch from their current trusted brand. Our approach generates significantly more value for you, providing measurable return on investment.

  • Peace of mind – We print promotional material that will then get plastic wrapped with the sample product all under one roof, reducing the security factor of missing samples.
  • Competitive rates – We can handle weighted products through our network at a more competitive rate then other methods of delivery.
  • Highly targeted – Unlike hand-out sampling, letterbox dropping uses a more targeted approach for better results.
  • Increased redemption – Our data shows that redemption rate of promotions with sample is higher than redemption of printed material only.

Our full-service sampling process covers:

  • Discussion of your product objectives and sample
  • Trial sample to test size, weight and distribution logistics
  • Mock-up final concept and custom packaging solution
  • Establish target audience using multiple data sources and tools
  • Write, design and print material to accompany sample
  • Execute distribution campaign
  • Measure results and apply learnings to improve future campaigns

Measurable impact

We apply smart behavioural and location targeting to reach the exact right audience with your product.

A pack of cereal handed out at public train stations might give a product high visibility but with specific data, we tailor the sampling method to your audience’s shopping behaviour and interests. These parameters, defined by up-to-date, location-based data, can help your business identify the best location for letterbox sampling, tied to a sale offer or promotion. 

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