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Trying to reach a specific audience cost effectively? Also referred to as leaflets, custom flyers are an accessible format that give customers all the details they need on one page. Think menus, events, services, contact info and more.”.

Flyers are versatile, effective, lightweight, easy to design, making them one of the most affordable marketing tools. We’ll help you to increase sales and get your message across. Popular formats include DL, A5, A4 and Quarto.

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If you have more to say, why not consider a pamphlet? The usually offer increased pagination so you can share more information with your audience. Fold options for pamphlets include half-fold, trifold, z-fold, gate fold and roll fold. They can also be folded to DL size for easy delivery. 

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If you have a lot of information to share, a booklet is a great way to communicate it clearly. We produce everything from DL to A5 size booklets, covering things like regional tourism information, company profiles, training guides and educational courses. With binding options ranging from stitching to burst binding and even PUR binding, we’ll help you produce the right option for your business. We can even personalise booklets for individual people, so your message achieves the best impact possible. Popular formats include saddle stitched, self-cover and spine glued.

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<h4>Rob Scotto, National Sales Director<br>Retail Media Hub</h4>

"Ovato’s capability to produce a wide range of leaflet, pamphlet and booklet formats, across multiple locations yet maintaining a consistent quality provides me with the confidence that each campaign will run with ease."

Rob Scotto, National Sales Director
Retail Media Hub

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