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Trusted print partner

Ovato has a long and established tenure in the print industry, and our clients trust us to deliver a tailored catalogue solution based on our significant expertise and innovative spirit. With an integrated service offering, we’re not just a printer. We can support your catalogue campaigns all the way from concept to your customers' homes.

National footprint

We have a national footprint with unrivalled manufacturing capability that gives you faster speed to market and the flexibility to make content or volume decisions at any time. Co-located print and distribution facilities mean you can cut out unnecessary steps and streamline the process of getting your brand into Australian homes. It also lowers your carbon footprint and reduces fuel and packaging materials used travelling between sites. 

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Distribution network

Our three-tiered distribution model offers face-to-face contact with distributors and deliverers. By transferring stock from a state-based warehouse to a localised distributor and then to our deliverers, we maintain high-quality stock control, GPS delivery checks and proactive management of the distribution network.

Our experienced National team of Network Performance Managers monitor all distributors and validate queries, also carrying out randomised checks to always ensure you’re receiving quality service.

Face-to-face communication with our deliverers lets us maximise coverage for your stock, provide special instructions needed and support every member of the team. 


"We wanted to find a way to showcase our fantastic range of products. We know retail catalogues have long been the way Aussie shoppers prefer to browse and purchase the best deals. We’re really excited about bringing together the online shopping and physical worlds."

Julie Nestor, Chief Marketing Officer

Catalogue services

Whatever you need, we can deliver it. Some of our catalogue services include:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) integration
  • QR code functionality
  • Personalised creative
  • Digital catalogues
  • Embellishments
  • Data-driven distribution targeting
  • Co-located print and distribution
  • Sustainable catalogue development

Find out why catalogues continue to have multi-generational appeal

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