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Sophisticated audience targeting

At Ovato, we move beyond traditional demographic targeting by applying behavioural and transactional data based on how customers are spending at Australia’s biggest retailers. Armed with these insights, we can genuinely integrate all your marketing activity and quantify the exact ROI and impact of your print media campaigns.

We’ll identify your most valuable audience segments, allowing you to test product samples in market, improve catalogue impact for little to no extra spend, or target loyal customers with personalised campaigns.

We hold data partnerships that allow clients to leverage spend and shopping basket data to better target and measure their campaign activities and build commercial advantages over time. We also are continuously building on our access to ABS, Domain, CoreLogic, Geoscape and other players in the market. 

These solutions can also be extended or matched in digital purchases by the brands we work with. 

How can you avoid the most common audience targeting mistake?


Data visualisation - Atlas by Ovato

The amount of data being generated and collected is growing all the time. This provides a huge opportunity for marketers to generate insights resulting in more effective campaigns, higher sales and ROI. But collecting data is only the start. What you need is a data visualisation tool to help you make sense of it quickly and effortlessly.

We have significant experience and expertise in translating available first and third-party data into geospatial formats. Atlas by Ovato is our data visualisation platform that identifies your untapped audiences and areas of potential for your business so you can see where your opportunity lives. 

Atlas not only knows, but shows where opportunity lives

Our Atlas visualisation and planning tool supports clients who want to understand how they can use data reliably reach the audience at home and drive greater sales results. Fuelled by a wide range of behavioural and demographic data, Atlas lets you quickly model campaigns to test scenarios before going to market and shows your sales hotspot opportunities.

Our heatmap, extrusion and variable colour grading graphics make the invisible visible.

Targeting and Data Visualisation

"We were very impressed by the results of the targeted rental catalogue delivery. Ovato exceeded our expectations and helped us tap into a brand new audience segment to achieve a significant increase in sales."

Marketing Manager
Leading retailer