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At Ovato we are focused on ensuring that your campaigns are not only deployed successfully, but that the results are fully understood and maximised, so we can incrementally improve each time by understanding more about the market, your active and possible untapped customers.  

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Only then can we know which variables to flex to ensure subsequent campaigns deliver maximum efficiency and effectiveness for your brand.

We close the loop and track back against your original campaign objectives to ascertain how successful campaigns have been.

Performance indicators utilised include:

  • Increased penetration in areas reached by the catalogue (more orders from more people)
  • Increased basket size in areas reached by the catalogue
  • Increased donation behaviours in audiences reached
  • Larger proportion of in-segment buyers reached
  • Product trial drives to offer and conversion in store
  • Increased purchase behaviour where audiences are targeted through digital and the catalogue
  • Relationship between physical availability and purchasing behaviour
  • Identification of higher performing segmentation's for future campaigns
  • Creative variant testing
  • Control based measurement for clearer attribution while other media is in market