Work colleagues planning and looking over campaign material

Some campaigns will be a lead-in to sales cycles that are very long (six weeks or more), and some campaigns will be just about driving awareness in your target customers minds’ (not specifically expecting them to purchase from you then and there).

Across the Ovato Group, we have developed and built sophisticated systems and user-friendly dashboards to track campaign progress at every stage. 

This information is accessible to clients so you can track progress and make strategic decisions as to when and if to throttle marketing spend.

We also are fully cognisant of all leading industry metrics and analytics and are platform agnostic.  

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Continuous improvement

We are focused on delivering continuous improvement for clients. Long standing clients know we have their business intentions front of mind. They trust us and are open to hear our recommendations to remain innovative. To investigate and test alternatives, whether its to drive ROI or increase Share of Voice (SOV) in market.