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The Reject Shop found its existing campaign process to be slow and cumbersome. It had a very manual audit trail and system, which made it hard to be agile.

It needed a process that was more efficient, faster, and allowed more control over the campaigns and branding going to market.

Ovato assessed the brand’s requirements and determined the best solution would be to install an onsite studio at The Reject Shop’s own head office in Kensington, Victoria. This meant our team could work closely in alignment with the brand’s marketing team, to deliver more efficient results.

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Our team work closely with the brand's marketing team, to deliver more efficient results

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The impacts we unlocked

<h4>Aris Evelic, Head of Customer Strategy<br>The Reject Shop</h4>

"Our production process is more efficient, allowing us to save a lot of time. We’ve also been able to get more campaigns to market per year – at no extra cost! Ovato is an integral partner for The Reject Shop."

Aris Evelic, Head of Customer Strategy
The Reject Shop

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The Ovato onsite studio consists of two creative designers who are solely dedicated to meeting The Reject Shop’s creative production needs, including production of

catalogues, LAM, point of sale, web and social media campaigns. Working in close proximity to the client’s marketing team, Ovato can rapidly deliver campaign requirements, be responsive to requests and work to strict turnaround times that let The Reject Shop get to market faster.

The studio uses our Xinet product management system, which has an extensive suite of asset management and colour management tools, and can convert images to any press/ web specifications required. Our Digital Approvals workflow allows for collaboration between many users of various departments or third parties, to deliver efficiencies and cost savings across the campaign process.

Ovato also supports The Reject Shop with digital photography and retouching for its catalogue and digital and social campaigns, to ensure all images are high quality and consistent. This enables an end- to-end design and creative process, so campaigns are streamlined and delivered effectively.

Campaign results

Campaign results