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8,000 copies reprinted and distributed while the issue was still hot

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2018 magazine sales 

Vogue Australia’s September 2018 issue featured Kylie Jenner on the cover, talking work, motherhood and building a beauty empire. To celebrate, the magazine gave away a free Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit with every purchase. Ovato completed the allocations and distribution processes to ensure stock was sent to the most appropriate outlets as quickly as possible for the special issue, to meet the expected demand. The initial print run was over 30,000 copies.

The magazine itself was 312-pages with an 8-page cover, including four inserts and a reverse bound booklet inside, requiring significant print work.

Ovato ensured the sell-through rate of the issue was optimised by calculating allocations using historical sales information and factoring in anticipated uplift for the special issue. We also identified stores that generated high sales for previous issues with a free product, as well as traditional high sellers for non-promoted issues. The issue sold out very quickly, and within two days following the on-sale date, Ovato and NewsLifeMedia were in reprint discussions.

Coordinated, efficient, fast response resulted in increased sale

With an urgent reprint required, Ovato’s print and production departments orchestrated a highly efficient process. Due to the size and complexity of the special issue, the job involved both web and sheet fed printing, guillotining, folding, stitching and perfect binding, as well as personalised header cards inserted.

Our allocation analysts and warehouse teams in the retail distribution business unit identified the areas that would enable reprinted stock to be invoiced and distributed as efficiently as possible. We worked outside of regular transport deadlines to ensure reprinted stock could be sent back to stores as quickly as possible.

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<h4>Brett Willis, General Manager of Retail Sales &amp; Circulation<br> NewsLifeMedia</h4>

"The speed in which Ovato handled the reprint and distribution out to retail was very impressive and contributed to the strong sales generated in just one week of the issue on sale."

Brett Willis, General Manager of Retail Sales & Circulation

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