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Achieving greater market share and increased sales was key

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Building brand trust

Martec wanted to build on its existing market reputation, targeting retailers and increasing customer loyalty.

Focusing on the ‘I want to buy’ moment with consumers and leveraging relationships with retailers, Martec engaged Ovato to review its in-market aesthetic and remove any customer hesitations hindering success.

Ovato examined all aspects from then brand style guide which dictates how the products will look on a retail shelf, through to packaging designs and the detail of the product presented to the consumer.

We devised a strategic roadmap for subtle brand enhancements to bring Martec’s diverse marketing collateral in-line with its goal of cementing the brand as a leader in its field and featuring in major retailers and industry resellers.


Industry snapshot

A recognisable powerhouse brand

The branding campaign consisted of revising the approach for packaging, product photography and display, printed finishes and overall brand creative strategy.

This multi-channel approach improved all aspects of the Martec brand, allowing the refreshed aesthetic to bring new consumers and retailers to the brand, and retain the loyalty of existing customers and retailers.

High conversion rates

This brand driven approach had the desired impact on Martec’s retail presence. The brand was able to establish trust and recognition with its audience through an easily identifiable uniform aesthetic.

This provided clear market presence and dominance. From the moment the new aesthetic rolled out into retail, this translated quickly into sustained sales growth, giving Martec a solid return on its brand marketing investment.

This translated quickly into sustained sales growth


The impacts we unlocked

<h4>Ken Dick, General Manager<br> Martec</h4>

"Ovato was key to a successful re-brand. As a result of the collaborative work together, we were not only able to increase sales but move forward with a strong, coherent brand identity."

Ken Dick, General Manager

Campaign results

Campaign results



Martec in market: 
Increase sales growth and greater ROI on marketing spend.