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Digital, print and social content reached millions and started real conversations about safety.

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Addressing the gap

To engage electrical workers as well as the broader NSW public, Ovato conducted focus groups that explored why people choose to behave unsafely around electricity. We identified that while younger employees feel they act safely, they are actually most at risk

and have a sense of invincibility when it comes to electrical dangers. At home, DIYers have a sense of being immune to the risks of working with electricity, while parents are unaware of many of the risks they need to explain to their children, but the most focused on acting safely.


Ovato’s campaign focused on social and digital content to engage people outside of work when they would be more receptive to messaging that was humorous and relatable, but followed by a serious safety message.

Starting safety conversations

The digital and social content generated over 2.5 million impressions, with the videos watched more than 1.2 million times in total.

Most importantly, the content sparked genuine conversations about safety, with 500 comments and 600+ shares. Many of the comments saw our audience tagging their friends, family members or colleagues, encouraging them to stay safe or recommending the content was used in workplace safety inductions. Some comments even referenced that the post had been part of a conversation over the weekend – showing the campaign’s real- world impact.

The content was also shared to a local Facebook page for electricians with more than 117,000 members and re-shared by numerous industry organisations and electrical pages.


The impacts we unlocked

Campaign Results

Campaign Results